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Meervaart | Podcast Vrijzicht

Vrijzicht by Meervaart Young

From having hundreds of enthusiastic kinds in our studios to having kids take online dance/dj/rap classes in their bedroom. It was quiet the adjustment but now all our activities and classes are online for the time being.

Our Meervaart Jong Theatre group was on a 6 month journey to creating the performance ‘Vrijzicht’,  part of the Theatre After the Dam activities around remembrance day on May 4th. With Covid-19 halting their physical rehearsals and the performance, they took to the digital world and created this beautiful podcast performance. The performance was entirely recorded in the kids bedrooms via Zoom. It premiered on May 4th and we are happy to share this inventive performance with you.

During the 11th edition of ‘Theater na de Dam’ about 500 kids divided over 40 projects throughout the country, worked on performances around remembrance day. Through (digital) conversations and letters between the youth and the elderly they created a worthwhile view on history and complex world we live in now. The kids from Amsterdam Nieuw-West, dived into the history of Amsterdam Nieuw-West in the Second World War and the neighbourhood nowadays. And this is their story.

We hope you will enjoy this personal listening theatre experience. Maybe on a bench in somewhere in Amsterdam, walking round the Nieuw-West area or from the comfort your own living room.

by Meervaart Jong


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