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Love in the time of corona

It was a Friday,
rain washing the winter away,
when our eyes first met

My shoulders hid in your arm,
my hand melted in your palm,
and we were drawn to the streets of Amsterdam

Soaked in the rain,
we let our wings to the air,
unaware of a reverberating wave,
travelling from the land of peonies to our place

A silent fog surrounded the city canals,
mystifying the hearts of individuals

The city of Amsterdam vibrated intensely
A human flesh touched another closely,
and the reverb would inflict them fatally

Distance, so, instantly became a new fate,
hoping the reverberation time to decay

Sheltered in the nectar of our bed,
yet the wave resonated our realm

And our story took a sudden turn

Your heart got benumbed,
that smile of yours got gradually out of sight,
kissing your lips destined to die,
and our love shattered at once

My heart, beating with a frequency of life,
remained but immune from the harm,
and so continued my stories of love

It was a Friday,
sun fading your image away,
when my eyes met his eyes first

This poem is inspired by a love I had experienced during the time of corona in Amsterdam.
The poem is full of metaphors, e.g. a reverberating wave (coronavirus) traveling from land of peonies (china) to Amsterdam.
The love in the poem greatly influenced by the changes corona brought to one of the lovers. The poem but ends with a hope: the unaffected lover survives the changes and her stories of love never ends.
*The title of the poem is inspired by the title of the book by Gabriel García Márquez, Love in time of Cholera.

by Ghazaleh Ghobadi


Het huis van Amsterdam met dank aan: Gemeente Amsterdam West Soundtrackcity