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Kid draw coronavirus for my house

One day when I opened the back door I saw the drawing. Under the drawing, there was a long line completely across the hall. A kid made the drawing to separate my house from the neighbors for coronavirus. But I had no corona! I got the drawing just because I’m Chinese.
I was a bit shaking with feelings of wronged and angry. I’m a quiet resident here for five years. I don’t have close communication, but I also have no dispute with any neighbor. Clearly the kid who drew it has heard some racists discourse in his family.

Because I had followed Chinese corona news every day since January, I knew a lot about the virus. I was shocked by RIVM early strategy “herd immunity”. I tried my best to tell all my Dutch friends and neighbors: corona is dangerous, stay at home, keep distance, wear a mask. When I saw the NL death rolling, and heard stories about people who lost their beloved, tears dropped just as when I saw the CN death rolling and CN stories after that.

So when I saw the drawing I really felt hurt. I did nothing wrong. I tried my best to help. In January and February, 99% of reported corona patients were in China. China had tried the best to control it within China. But China cannot control the virus in other countries. No matter where corona comes from, due to modern transportation the world has to work together to control such an easy spreading virus. Stop racism.

by 4D


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