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The film is an artistic approach to what I miss in the city in times of corona. From my house I shot a portrait of some of the most beautiful parts of Amsterdam. But because I couldn’t go outside, the entire film consists of images of my house, which showed similarities with the places you hear the sounds of.

by Sven Peetoom

Seagulls, the murmur of passers-by, church bells or the rustling of the wind on the ferry; glued to our homes, many of us miss the liveliness of the city. The physicality of the public places we like to visit, but also the sounds that characterize these locations. With minimal visual references, INTERIOR manages to capture well-known Amsterdam locations such as Dam Square and the EYE Film Museum, only to bring them to life by adding a layer of sound.

By Stichting NDSM-werf


Soundtrackcity met dank aan: Gemeente Amsterdam West Het huis van Amsterdam