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Comfort food at home

Every Thursday, chefs of Brewery Troost in De Pijp neighbourhood prepare around 125 vegetarian meals made with good quality food that otherwise would be wasted. Organisation BuurtBuik (Neighbourhood Belly) distributes and delivers these meals to support vulnerable Amsterdam residents. After all, food connects people. Grace (on the right in the photo) has been a volunteer with BuurtBuik for over four years. ‘At home, wasting food was always regarded as ‘sinful’. So when I heard about this organisation, I knew straight away that I wanted to help. Now that we had to close our doors due to corona, it is wonderful that we can still help our guests with a ‘Comfort Meal’ at home!’

Vrijwilligers Centrale Amsterdam (Volunteer Centre Amsterdam) / Photo by: Sake Rijpkema

by Vrijwilligers Centrale Amsterdam / Photo by: Sake Rijpkema


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