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Let Me Be Myself

Because all art institutions are corona-compact, we enjoy art on the street more than ever.

On the NDSM site we found a mega-large mural of Anne Frank in flashy colours. Just before 4 May we found the colours too distracting from the message. We made a moody black and white photo of Anne Frank, just as we know her.

NDSM site, 27 April 2020

by Wanda Félice Bloemgarten BLOOM Photography Art & Artists

Now that the museums have closed their doors, special street art pieces – some new, others already present in the public space for some time – suddenly stand out. As if Amsterdam as an open-air museum literally gets more air because of the silence that is there temporarily and the greater attention of the viewer, not distracted by tourists or traffic. And in this case also not distracted by colour, but an icon reduced to the core.

By Stichting NDSM-werf


Het huis van Amsterdam Soundtrackcity met dank aan: Gemeente Amsterdam West