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1,5 meter

‘1,5 Meter’
Sticker on paper and wall. 25×25 cm. 2020
The idea came from a conversation I had on Instagram with Annabel Keijzer. I consider her as the co-creator of this work.

My practice is based around the small red dot sticker used in art galleries and fairs, which answers the question that drives the art market: “Has that work been sold?”
These and other stickers from popular culture can now be found in my work in many shapes, sizes and colors. The materials enabled me to provoke the commercial practices in the art world, taking over the role of gallery owner, auction house or art dealer, looking for alternative forms of economy that are not out of kilter with human of environmental needs.
During the Covid-outbreak I decided to sell an artwork with one sticker on it, and include in the package another sticker that can be placed on the wall at home, with a 1,5 meter distance from the dot on the paper.
I also put this stickers all over the city, always with that same distance in between them. I illustrate the ‘new normal’, and hope we take this crisis as a moment to reset our (creative) industries. We should all look at ourselves and realize what needs to be different.

door Peim van der Sloot


met dank aan: Gemeente Amsterdam West Soundtrackcity Het huis van Amsterdam