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The artist is present (at night)

Amsterdam based artist Dadara made this installation at Museumplein, where he put one wooden table and two wooden chairs on the square and named the artwork ‘The Artist is Not Present’. Of course referring to the work of performance-art celebrity Marina Abramović.

My first reaction was: well maybe during the day the artists are not present, but during the night, hell yes we are.

Then I realised, that his artwork itself is actually showing us that the artists ARE present without being there. How can otherwise the artwork be there? Someone had to make it. Suddenly I loved it more. I always encourage these kind of ‘contradictions’ in art.

So… I went around 03:00 in the morning to make ‘a selfie’ with his work, and show my appreciation. WE ARE PRESENT, NOW MORE THAN EVER! Even though you might not see us.

by Peim van der Sloot


met dank aan: Gemeente Amsterdam West Het huis van Amsterdam Soundtrackcity