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Ironman on ice

”I was on holiday with one of my good mates in Scotland. We do a lot of hikes together. We wanted to make our hike more challenging this time, so we decided to bring a random item. We looked around our Airbnb and found an ironing board. While hiking up the mountain, I carried the ironing board, and I noticed that it made people laugh. When we reached the top, we took some photos while pretending to iron. I posted them on Instagram, and it made my friends laugh. I started to take an iron board to different hikes from that moment on. I once took it undersea when I went Deepsea diving. You should have seen the other diver’s faces when they saw me ironing underwater. There is no way you can have a conversation underwater, so they must have been so confused with this sight and no explanation. I guess seeing such a domestic object in a non-domestic environment makes people laugh. Sometimes it even inspires others. Like just now, a guy saw me on the ice with my ironing board and went upstairs to grab his vacuum cleaner. He is currently skating around with it pretending to vacuum. It doesn’t make much sense. It’s super random but it makes people laugh, and I think that’s beautiful.”

by Debra Barraud


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