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‘INTERVENING SPACE: Reframing Conventions (2013) in Quarantine (2020)’

In this work I am researching the act of sitting, resulting in a live performance where I am solely sitting for 8 hours on the same chair, without practicing any other human action. The original video and live performance of this work is from 2013. During these times of the Corona virus outbreak and being in quarantine in my small apartment in Amsterdam, I realized that this research into the act of sitting has gained another layer. Therefore I started to relaunch this work anno 2020. Same relevance, different context.

1. I started the relaunch by doing this 8-hour sitting performance again, imprisoned in my own apartment, in quarantine, at the start of the outbreak of the Corona virus in Amsterdam (30-03-2020).
2. The second time I performed this 8-hour sitting performance was during a guerrilla intervention somewhere in Amsterdam-South, outside; taking matters in my own hands by exhibiting myself, the arts and my work. This added another political and societal layer. Especially when I got sent away by a security guard after six hours of sitting, whilst employees were continuing their work inside the office building that should’ve been closed… This is exactly what the arts and us artists have to cope with by just trying to do our work! (22-04-2020).
3. The third time I performed this work was exclusively exhibited via my high quality 8-hour live stream video at Hotel Maria Kapel, the Netherlands (01-05-2020).

Lisette Ros (1991) is a (conceptual) performance artist from Amsterdam.

In her work she challenges conventions, routine behavior and banal acts and questions their self-evidence. Starting point of her work is the confrontation with herself; questioning and challenging her own bodily conditioning, lust for control and daily routine. As performance artist Ros uses herself to provide audiences with the same confrontation as she undergoes, both in body, mind and spirit. Ros poses questions by doing. Her critical findings are shared in live performances, performance video art, as installations or which-ever form is suited best for transferring the research insights and confrontation.

© Lisette Ros

by Lisette Ros

Prachtige performance van Lisette Ros


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