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Bills – Danielle from Ark

In response to the current developments following the corona crisis, Daniëlle van Ark began a new series of drawings and collages entitled ‘Bills’.

The cultural sector closed in mid-March, the uncertainty of what the future would bring resulted in a project where her accounts became the bearer of a new work of art.

The price of these works is the price of the invoice itself.

This is how it works; an invoice comes in, it is printed out and the A4 sheet becomes the carrier of a collage or drawing. Then this collage is put for sale on Instagram, it is ‘first come, first serve’.

The cheapest so far was a Zoom account of € 16.93 and the most expensive was the rent of the studio for € 243.27. These prices are far below its market price.

Van Ark is, among other things, interested in social position and the value attributed to ‘things’.

The series ‘Bills’ plays with the attributed value of art and the status of the artist, who in many cases is extremely fragile.

by Danielle van Ark


met dank aan: Gemeente Amsterdam West Het huis van Amsterdam Soundtrackcity