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BetweenTwoHands, Ecognosis, work in process (2020)

Ecognosis, work in process (2020) is a video work made during the residency period from Stichting BetweenTwoHands and Martine Rademakers at Werkplaats Molenwijk, the second project space of Framer Framed located in Molenwijk.

BetweenTwoHands is inspired by Alan Weisman’s book The World Without Us. BetweenTwoHands explores how to create a stop-motion animation and project mapping, imagining how our world would transform if people left Earth and nature had the chance to take over again.

This research and project is made possible in part by Stichting Stokroos, Creative Industries Fund NL, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Performance Technology LAB, Feikes Huis and Framer Framed.


Soundtrackcity met dank aan: Gemeente Amsterdam West Het huis van Amsterdam