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Framer Framed

Drawing Stories

This online presentation changes from week to week, reflecting the evolving narratives, experiences and expectations of the participating artists. They draw stories based on their observations and experiences.

From one moment to the next, everything was different. We have missed our loved ones, kept our distance, and stayed inside. But the lockdown has also brought new ideas, and the hope that perhaps we are at a tipping point, about to start doing everything differently, putting well-being before prosperity, making sustainability a guiding principle when the consumer society has broken down. We are cherishing local producers and shops, seeing the beauty of people and their stories, the city, and nature.

For some, this hope for change is drowned out by fear or disappointment. We’re not always supportive of those who are not doing well: some rich people are becoming richer, some poor people poorer. And how do you experience a lockdown when you’re sick, homeless, penniless, or  mentally distressed?

At a time like this, artists play a crucial role in depicting, interpreting, and following developments critically. What will change, and what will stay the same? Here, Amsterdam artists reflect on the past, present, and future in a period of crisis.

We also take a look at the role of Framer Framed as an Amsterdam-based platform for contemporary art, visual culture, and critical theory & practice. Who are we? What do we do? And how should our role change as the world changes?

With contributions by:

Marieke Zwart
Salim Bayri
Domenique Himmelsbach de Vries
We Sell Reality
Between two hands
Karine Versluis and the artists of i-psy Art